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Payment of Compensation

Following the successful conclusion of your claim your Solicitor will then arrange for a bill to be prepared and sent to the Defendant’s Solicitor. The Defendant’s Solicitor is entitled to file “Points of Dispute” and thereafter your Solicitor is entitled to file “Points of Reply” to the Points of Dispute. If matters cannot be agreed the claim for costs proceeds to what is known as a “Detailed Assessment” hearing many months later when the Court decides how much costs the Defendant should pay. Normally the Solicitor will not release any compensation to you until the costs have been resolved and paid by the Defendant’s Insurers. However, the Solicitor may make an interim payment to you if the Solicitor feels that the issue of costs will take a long time to be resolved. Under certain circumstances the Solicitor may be required to pay you interest on any money held in the Solicitor’s client account for any length of time. The Solicitor will normally explain the amount of any interest due to you when you receive final settlement, together with your account.

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