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What information will the Solicitor need?

It is vitally important that you are aware of the exact nature of the asbestos condition that you are suffering from before speaking to the Solicitor. Therefore, we would suggest that you make an appointment to see your G.P. prior to contacting the Solicitor. Ask your G.P. exactly what you are suffering from. If your G.P. has already referred you to a Chest Consultant the results of that Chest Consultant’s investigations will be on your medical records held by your G.P. Ask your G.P. to write down on a piece of paper what you are suffering from, or better still, ask your G.P. to let you have a copy of the letter that he will have received from the Hospital Consultant confirming the outcome of the Hospital investigations. It is important that the Solicitor knows exactly what you are suffering from at the outset.

The Solicitor will need to obtain a list of your past employers where you were exposed to asbestos. The Solicitor will normally undertake a search with H.M. Revenue & Customs to obtain a list of your past employers and the dates between which you were employed. Employment records are normally available from about 1961 onwards. The Solicitor will need to know what your working conditions were like. It is also important to know whether any of these past employers are still in business. If any of your past employers who were guilty of exposing you to asbestos are no longer in business, the Solicitor may need to conduct searches with a view to establishing the name and address of your past employers’ liability Insurers. Please note that there is no public register of employers’ liability Insurers and that most Solicitors who are experienced in this field not only have a database of employers’ Insurers but also have access to databases that can provide this information.

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