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About Us

Asbestos Victim Support was established to provide a comprehensive online resource centre for sufferers of asbestos-related illnesses and their loved ones. The purpose of the site is to enable all visitors to find an answer to their particular enquiry. It is designed to provide detailed, up-to-date medical, legal and welfare benefit information pertaining to asbestos-related illnesses.

Members of our team experienced at first hand the devastating impact that an asbestos related disease could have upon sufferers and their loved ones. There were no information sites readily available, where sufferers could find answers to all of their questions in one place; medical questions, legal questions and welfare benefit questions. This website has been designed to answer any questions that visitors may have. However, our volunteers are ready, willing and able to provide additional resource material when appropriate.

Please feel free to call one of our dedicated volunteers on our helpline 0844.414.0975 during office hours should you require any further information or assistance of any kind whatsoever. We are here to help you.