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Child Maintenance and Other Payments Act 2008

Under this Act the State may make a lump sum payment to a person suffering from diffuse mesothelioma or the dependant of a person who, immediately before they had died, had diffuse mesothelioma. A person or their dependant will be entitled to a lump sum payment even if the person diagnosed with mesothelioma had been self employed or had contracted the disease from the clothing of a family member or because they lived proximate to an asbestos factory. The amount of benefit paid is on a sliding scale depending upon age at which a diagnosis was made or age of a person at the date of death and ranges from as little as £1,859 to £52,772. If an application is refused for any reason it is suggested that the applicant take specialist advice before seeking a reconsideration. Once again, there is an appeal process in place to enable an appeal to take place to an Appeal Tribunal.

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